18670 Applewood Rd.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Office Hours

Daily: 9 AM - 1 PM (Closed Holidays)
Other Times by Appointment

Phone Numbers

Animal Shelter: 712.366.0152
Fax: 712.366.0446
911 Comm.: 712.328.5737 (After Hours)

Mission Statement

It shall be the function and primary purpose of the Pottawattamie County Animal Control to preserve order and control of the county’s animal population, and to protect the citizens from these animals. The Animal Control Officer shall have in his/her jurisdiction all the unincorporated areas in Pottawattamie County.

It shall always be our secondary objective to return as many impounded animals as possible to their owners. Whenever possible, attempts will be made to find new homes for animals when the owner cannot be found, or if the owner has surrendered ownership of the animal.

Pottawattamie County Animal Control Shelter Procedures

  • All dogs picked up by Pottawattamie County Animal Control are taken to the County Animal Shelter.
  • The dogs are then advertised in the Daily Nonpareil newspaper’s lost and found classified section for five (5) days.
  • After being held for five (5)days, the dog becomes the property of Pottawattamie County and is then put up for adoption

Call Priority:

  • First priority shall be given to a bite incident.
  • Second priority shall be given to a report of a vicious or dangerous animal.
  • Third priority shall be given to a report of an injured and/or animal in a trap.
  • Fourth priority shall be given to reports of animal abuse.
  • Fifth priority shall be given to reports of animals running at large.
  • Sixth priority shall be barking dogs.

All calls will be assigned a file number for tabulating and tracing purposes. These file numbers will normally be assigned by the Animal Control Officer upon receiving the call.

Note, calls will be answered, assessed, then forwarded to appropriate staff to handle.


One of Pottawattamie County Animal Control’s top priorities is to attempt to reduce animal related violations and achieve an increase in voluntary compliance. This goal will be achieved by vigorous enforcement, public education and positive reinforcement for responsible pet owners who abide by the law.

Directions to the Animal Shelter from the Courthouse:

The Animal Shelter address is 18670 Applewood Rd., Council Bluffs, IA 51503.
(Click on the “B” and select Get Directions to get the route from the Courthouse to the Animal

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Pottawattamie County Emergency Notification System

The Alert Iowa system serves all residents within Pottawattamie County and it's Communities.

The Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency has implemented The Alert Iowa system, a high-speed notification solution and Weather Warning service. This no-charge service is available to businesses.

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